Share Your Language for Joy & Connection
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Whether it be for fun, for connection, or for making additional income and feeling more abundant, your language superpower can empower you and inspire others!



The women I’ve coached have without fail found a great sense of connection and contentment by sharing their language with others.

It has often helped them find their place within their new culture, creating a very real bridge for them. It has enhanced the sensation of feeling complete that they were looking for and is a most exciting use of their superpower.



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|Hi, I'm Judith. 

After 20 years of running vibrant French sessions for toddlers and preschoolers here in Sydney, as well as coaching amazing women from around the world to do the same with their own gorgeous native languages, I've discovered soooo much about how to totally enchant and engage children with languages . . .

AND about igniting the spark of confidence in Mums and educators so that they can do it, too - with ease, fun and laughter!

There is so much joy to be had (and soooo many incredible benefits) for the children AND for you

and now it's YOUR turn to experience it!



image free guide perfect for exploring the idea of running language sessions for children

The 3 (Surprising) Things You Need to Know If You're Thinking of Starting Language Sessions for Children

If the idea of sharing your language with children makes you tingle with possibility, but those pesky doubts about your ability and/or readiness are sneaking in, this guide will put those doubts to rest and allow you to decide if you're ready for more.



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image free guide perfect for exploring the idea of running language sessions for children

Once you know that you want more info, this guide walks you through EACH DECISION you'll want to make ALONG THE WAY to actually STARTING your language sessions.

I answer all the major questions I've been asked over the 20 years that I ran my vibrant French for Kids sessions.  

This guide will get you closer to all the joy and delight of empowering children with YOUR native or second language.

$15 AUD (that's Aussie dollars ;-))

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image free guide perfect for exploring the idea of running language sessions for children

Discover these magical techniques to totally enchant children with your language.

VOICE is a complete video training course for running spectacularly fun language sessions for children.  Games, essential techniques and strategies that have the children laughing, loving your language and running back for more!

Perfect for bilingual early childhood educators, bilingual playgroup leaders, K-2 language teachers, bilingual Mums and anyone wanting to run dynamic language sessions for children.

$150 AUD (Aussie dollars ;-))

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